Workout Building Muscle – A Workout Tailored For Building Muscle

Hey guys here is the skinny on working out and building muscle…if you really want to increase in size, you NEED to train using compound exercises.

What are compound exercises, you ask? They are exercises that target several of your major muscles at the same time. I won’t lie to you; these are exercises that kick your butt. In the following Workout for Building Muscle you’ll be exposed to some of the most grueling, heart pounding and muscle demanding exercises.

If you are ready to workout and start building muscle, you are in for a treat. If you have not been exposed to any type of compound exercises, then I highly encourage you to take it very easy the first time around and be sure to use excellent form when performing each of the exercises, especially if you are used to tossing heavy weights around in your workout routines.

Remember this is a workout for building muscle not injuring your joints.

Here you go…enjoy.

The first part of your workout and building muscle routine is…

The Dead Lift…this mother of all exercises has been used by the Russians, the Ukrainians and all the other countries that produce behemoths of men. You want to stand in front of the bar and use a combo grip..take your left hand and do an over-the-bar grip and with your right hand do an under-the-bar grip. Maintain your back as straight as possible (stick your butt out, if you must (remember to keep that back straight!) Use a weight with which you can do 12 reps and begin to lift the bar passed your knees until you reach a complete standing position, hold this position for one second, then begin to lower the bar passed your knees back to the floor where you started the movement…all the while keeping your back straight.

Here’s the last part of your workout and building muscle routine…

Barbell Squat…here is one of my favorite workout for building muscle. Place the bar behind your neck so it rests on your shoulders. Again use a weight that’ll allow you to do 12 repetitions and begin to lower yourself by bending your knees, go down until you feel the stretch on your quads (there is no need to go all the way down as that can cause unnecessary stress on your lower back vertebrates and may lead to injury. As long as you feel the stretch on your quads, you are doing a good workout and building that muscle.

These two exercises need to be done back to back. In other words, do 12 repetitions of the dead lift followed immediately by 12 repetitions of the barbell squat. Take a rest (one or two minutes max…you’ll need it…and repeat for a total of 5 sets.

You will be putting out so much effort and energy in keeping the weight steady and performing the movement correctly that several of the ancillary muscles in your body will be used as well. Here lies the key to producing growth for you. This workout is so good at building muscle because it targets the major muscles in your body AND the tiny stabilizer muscles.

With so many muscles being utilized your building muscle goal is almost guaranteed with this workout. By the way, if you are stuck in a plateau and can’t seem to get any more improvements, use this muscle building workout to get you unstuck and back on the road to muscle growth. You can thank me later.

Now stop reading and go take action! Muscles don’t grow by reading about it.

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Building Muscle Tailored Workout

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