Transition into a Teen Titan with the Right Bodybuilding Supplements

Teen bodybuilding supplements has gain increasing popularity these days. Be it for the reason to lose weight, achieve muscles, gain self-confidence, or to simply look good-one thing is certain though, that is, to shy away from that skanky, lanky teenager that big boys love to bully. With heaps of choices at hand, teenagers need assistance in opting which sport supplement is better for them and which of those they should avoid.

When picking the right protein supplements, two golden rules should always be followed. First, consider your age. You must know what is “old enough” to start taking enhancements. It doesn’t mean that by the time you enter adolescent years, you can directly take any product you want. After all, this the period where growth spurts and hormones peaked at their levels, thus any substance that might mess up with these physiological changes might be harmful. Most products indicate in their label the appropriate age range that could safely benefit from it. I strongly suggest to follow this recommendation and not to take chances. Although, generally speaking the suggested age to securely take supplementation is 16-18 years old. Second golden rule and perhaps the most important is the procurement of a healthy and nutritious diet. There is a reason why supplements are called supplements, from the word itself, it is meant to complement and not to replace nutritious meals. Let’s sharpen our senses further and dig deeper unto the hits and misses of teen bodybuilding supplements.

The following are considered right and appropriate sports supplements for adolescents: first is protein supplements, both the fast whey and slow casein made it to the cut. Whey protein is optimal during the window opportunity or post-workout period wherein the body is in a catabolic state and needs protein fast to start the recovery and rebuilding process of muscles. On the other hand, casein protein allows for a slow but steady release of amino acids into the blood stream, making it ideal to take during bedtime. Next up is the creatine supplement, a naturally occurring substance in our body and is responsible for ATP (energy) productions. This is especially suitable for fitness buffs and aspiring athletes since it increases energy levels and promotes endurance. Other interesting sport supplement is glutamine product. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in our body and is the first fuel used by the body when we train intensely. However, creatine and glutamine should not be taken together since they compete with receptors in our body. Glutamine is ideal pre work-out and creatine post-workout.

Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) is another product that should be considered by serious teen bodybuilders. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they aid in the growth, repair and development of muscles. BCAA offers the body the complete amino acids it needs. Additionally, Nitric Oxide (NO) is also proposed for aspiring teen fitness enthusiasts. NO enhances blood circulation, making sure that nutrients will be delivered to where it is needed—fast. Lastly, the basic but the most important supplement is the vitamins and minerals group. It maybe often taken for granted but deficiencies in one of this essential multivitamins may halt growth and development. One important final note, young persons are strongly advised to avoid hormone-altering substances such as steroids, not only they are banned they also poses great risks to our health. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Teenage years highlight the crossroad in our life wherein we are caught between the end of the line of childhood and the entry point for adulthood. With a wide array of products lined at the shelves, it is easy to be tricked and disillusioned with products promising quick outcomes. However, youths should always remember that no product delivers magic results. A strong, healthy and well-chiseled physique is always a product of hard work and determination plus optimal nutrition, health lifestyle and a right bodybuilding supplement to help you transition from that awkward slash gangly youngster to a hip and cool teen titan.

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Bodybuilding into Right Supplements Teen Titan Transition

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