The One Rep Max Test For Bodybuilding Trainers

In intermediate and advanced stages of bodybuilding, it is important that you know what your one rep max is at almost weekly basis. This helps you track your progress as the one rep max keeps on rising. Without knowing whether or not you are gaining in mass and strength, it is impossible to determine your bodybuilding progress. One rep max is a simple and quick way of establishing whether you are stagnating or progressing encourse the bodybuilding program.

So if you then decide to establish what your one rep max is, you don’t just drop into the gym and start lifting up. There are a lot of variable that go into measuring the amount of weight we can lift at any given time. Such factors include:

1. Circulation efficiency at the time

2. Muscle status in terms of flexibility or rigidity

3. Body health

4. Breathing efficiency

5. Metabolism rate and efficiency at the time of lifting.

6. Temperature of the muscles and the body in general at the time of lifting, etc.

This article there fore gives a four step routine, not to measure your one rep max, but to prepare for the one rep max test.

Start out with the arms cycling exercise where you move your arms in a cyclic motion, forwards and backwards. Keep the arms straight out as you make at least twenty cycles for each direction. The idea is to loosen up the arms as a muscle group and to reduce tension in the shoulder joints. This should ideally be followed by the arm-rotation-cuff exercise. This helps to warm up both of your shoulder joints. Just stand with both arms held straight and parallel at the sides of the body. Then bend both elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Begin movement by rotating the arms until the forearms point upwards. Continue to rotate the arms until the forearms point to the front. For this exercise, twenty to thirty rotations are enough.

Now is the time to perform several push-ups, ensuring that you stimulate the blood to flow into the muscle tissues in both arms. A couple of sets, five at most, should be enough. Each set should be about five or six reps so that the total number of push-ups tally at between twenty and thirty. It is very important that you control your pace and intensity, since you are not working out the muscles but stimulating circulation and boosting the metabolic preparedness of the arms ahead of the one rep max test. You intend that by the time you pick up the weights, your arms will be at the optimal fitness level, and this will help establish the true status of their strength. The movements also help to stimulate rigidity out of the elbow and shoulder joints in preparation of the weight lifting exercises that constitutes the one rep max determination test.

By this time, you are ready to pick up the weights. The body is at the optimal stability, flexibility, metabolic, circulatory status. Go on now and determine your one rep max, using any appropriate technique.

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