Some Bodybuilding Jargon Demystified

Bitch Tits, or also know as Gyno This condition is also referred to as Gynecomastia. It is characterized by the development of female-like breasts on the male body. it is a condition that is brought about by prolonged use of steroids.

Bulking up – This refers to the adding of bodyweight through increasing both muscle and fat mass. This used to be the practice in past days but it is no longer done by modern bodybuilders.

Burn – This is the sensation that is felt in the muscles after they have been taken to overload/fatigue point. This burning sensation is attributed to the accumulation of lactic acid and the subsequent elevation of pH in the muscles.
Cap – This term refers to the deltoid muscles that are found in the shoulders. In training, the common practice is to divide this muscle set into three i.e. the front, the rear and the middle heads.

Cheat Reps – These are mostly experienced when fatigue starts creeping in during workouts. The bodybuilder starts to use body momentum and other body muscles in the lifting of the weights. This is also termed as using ‘improper form’ or ‘body English’.

Close Sport – This is the practice of staying fully alert near someone who is performing a certain workout and being ready to assist immediately when help is sought.

Circuit Training – This is an aerobic-oriented activity whereby the athlete is required to move from one workout to the next in sequence that involves a series of different workouts. The athlete is required to complete just one set at each station. This sort of exercise does little to add to muscle strength.

Cramping – This is a technique that is used by bodybuilders to attain the greatest pump. It is done by performing shortened motions that will bring about painful contractions that will spark temporal fatigue.

Cutting Up – This is the acronym to terms including ‘ripped’, ‘sliced’, and ‘shredded’. It involves getting rid of the body fat while retaining the muscle mass.

Cycle – This refers to an amount of time that is spared for the attainment of various aspects of training. A cycle may be set aside for bulking up, getting leaner, or increasing strength. When various training cycles are combined the practice is referred to as periodization in some bodybuilding circles.

(Steroid) cycles – This is the amount of time that is set aside for the use of a given type of steroid or supplement. It is common practice to use a steroid for two months and then proceeding to get off it for at least a month.

Definition – Some of the acronyms that can be used of this term include ‘shredded’, ‘striated’, and ‘sliced’. The term refers to the presence of low amounts of body fat and increased vascularity along with optimal muscle separation.

Flat – This is the term that is used to describe muscles that below par in terms of fullness. This loss of fullness is attributed to under-training, overtraining, a possible deficiency of nutrients, and lack of enough amounts of water in the body.

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Bodybuilding Demystified Jargon Some

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