Protein Shakes and Adolescents

Adolescent years signal the transition to a whole new development, leaving childhood beyond in preparation for adulthood. For a lot of teenagers, this phase is either a period of excitement or confusion, in which the end result would be crucial for their overall growth and development. Conversely, teenagers become more aware and conscious of their body potentially affecting how they relate and acquaint with their peers. Research shows that teenagers becomes overly sensitive about their weight and may become too concerned that they are not developing at the same rate as their fellow teenagers. It is no wonder though that a lot of adolescents are becoming more involved with bodybuilding, toning and muscle-sculpting for reasons such as establishing identity, intimacy or attaining a sense of achievement especially those youths who are involved in sports. One of the well-known bodybuilding supplements in the market today, protein shakes, may help teenagers accomplish a fit and healthy body without unnecessarily messing up with their natural physiologic growth and development.

Striking Balance is the Key

Teenage years also spell growth spurts, hormone changes are its peak level and accompanying rapids gain in weight with more fat than muscles. With growth and development rates more shaky than steady, it is therefore imperative not too take a product excessively, the same goes with protein supplements. Although protein shakes are generally recommended by sports and bodybuilding experts, being safe is always a better option than being left sorry. Therefore, establish a balance between nutrition and sport supplementation, and as usual complement only your diet with shake supplement and not totally replace it. Furthermore, it is also essential to choose a high-quality shake supplement that does not contain protein only but also carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to supply the complete set of nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development.

Increasing Muscle Mass

Teenagers who are more active such as athletes’ needs additional servings of protein required to build a fit body and sculpted muscles essential for tough competition. According to studies the protein requirement needed by most athletes tantamount to about 1 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram per body weight. Protein drinks can be a facet to provide the extra protein needed to increase muscle mass gains. With its high biological value, amino acids will be delivered via bloodstream into your muscle cells in order for protein synthesis to take place and muscle building to occur. Moreover, this bodybuilding supplement promotes constant fat burning while curbing your hunger pangs to prevent acquisition of uncalled for calories and fat layers.

The Window Opportunity Period

Lastly, this sport supplement is especially advisable for athletes post training or workouts, otherwise known as the window opportunity period, wherein the body is in a catabolic state and needs burst of proteins to kick off the recovery and rebuilding process. As you exercise, stress and trauma are actually put down into your muscle ligaments; normally this is expected and needed to signal the beginning of muscle building. However, when too much damage occurs such as in cases of heavy exercise, muscle breakdown exceeds that of your body’s ability to repair the dent. This is where protein drinks comes in, it supplies essential bouts of amino acids for the reparation process. Overall, this would lead to a pumped up muscle feel plus healthy and fit body ready for tough competition.

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Adolescents Protein Shakes

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