Olympic Weight Lifting Technique: Power Clean and Jerk

Olympic weight lifting technique is vital for proper form to achieve your full potential. There are two main Olympic lifts called the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. For most people they will find the clean and jerk the easiest to learn out of the two, BUT the snatch is the most athletic movement in sports.

The Olympic weight lifting technique uses focus, speed, strength, stability, muscle, mental drive, and your Central Nervous System. The mental power of your mind will be the main force and success of your Olympic weight lifting technique.

Most Powerful Is He Who Has Himself In His Own Power!
Seneca (5 BC to 65 AD)

The power is in you to total master the Olympic weight lifting techniques, so start off with a small weight or just the bar until you are doing perfect repetitions. Even practice in your mind performing at your peak, think of how it feels, what you saw, your facial expression and ask yourself how you are going to perform today, the answer is that you are power, and you were made to succeed and conquer.

The power clean is the first exercise you should learn to master out of the Olympic lifts, so lets go into detail on developing perfect technique to avoid injury and to help you lift even more weight.

The power clean starts from the mid-thigh up to resting on your shoulders. There are a few stages to the power clean that you need to practice to learn the whole movement.

First stand with the bar in front of your ankles and at a bit less than should width apart. Grab the bar with an over hand grip right beside you ankles. Lift the bar off the ground with you legs, keep your back straight. When the bar reaches your mid-thigh pull up on the bar with you traps and explode up on your calves, this is called triple extension.

Now quickly pull up on the bar with you shoulders and arms so the weight continues to raise up to your shoulders, stick you elbows in and out in front of you to finish the move. For heavier weight you can jump under the bar, but this is move advanced like the Snatch.

Now once you are in the position with the bar on your shoulders you can squat down and explode using your legs to jerk the weight over you head, you should be able to lift allot more than a standing military press with just your shoulders.

Now you have the choice to let the weight down in control, or learn to drop the weight only if you have access to a proper Olympic weight lifting platform.

Now you know how to perform a proper power clean and jerk, one of the most athletic movements in sports and weight lifting. Take the time learn the technique with light weights until you master it.

You will gain power, strength, muscle, speed, and stability all from doing the Olympic weight lifting; it’s great for regular people and highly conditioned professional and Olympic athletes.

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