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What is it that you want to know about building your muscles? If you understand how the muscles in the body develop, you can do it yourself and save yourself some money. The good thing is that you don’t need to get yourself a personal trainer. And the best part is that with the right machines, devotion and some push you can get the muscle mass you desire. Here is what you have to do.

Joining a gym and lifting some weights is just not the way. What you need is a well structured muscle building programme that helps you to exercise specific muscle groups in your body to a set time-table. These exercises should be programmed to build muscles in your shoulders, torso and legs, to give you that well-toned look.

Most people don’t understand that when you exercise you also need to rest, as the muscles grow during the rest period. This is called the recovery time and it gives the body time to replenish and grow. So, when working out with weights ensure that you factor in a rest period between the exercises. What happens, when you overdo the workout without recovery time; is that, the muscles stress and lose strength. In such conditions they will not build up. It is a problem faced by most novices.

What really works is a regular exercise while slowly increasing the intensity of the workout. The right thing to do would be to increase the weights gradually. So you start with five pounds and then progress to ten, twenty and so on and see how your muscles grow. If you don’t increase the weights periodically, it would take ages to get those structured muscles.

Muscle groups should be split up to be worked out on different days and not altogether. So, let’s begin. On day one work the chest and triceps. Incline press with dumbbells is best for chest muscle work outs. Next day, work your biceps and back muscles with barbell curls, dumbbell curls in the sitting position. Add pull ups to this.

Give yourself a break for a day on day three and start the workout on the fourth day with shoulder and abdominal exercises. The barbell shrugs, weight crunches and leg raising exercise will help.

The fifth day of the routine should be devoted to leg muscles. Start with squats; add leg presses and curls as well as the standing calf raise.

Join a local gym that has all the relevant body building equipment. You may have a home gym, if you can afford it. Before you join this programme, you must remember that there are no instant results. You will have to invest your time and dedicated efforts. So tone your mind to tone your body. This is long term and only your determination will get you your desired goal.

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