How To Handle A Bodybuilding Injury

Body building injuries are social so to say. They are caused and perpetuated by several factors. For as long as these friends are observable in a body builder’s workout routine, then injuries aren’t far out.

The first of these friends of body building workout injuries is lack of adequate stretching exercises as part of the workout regime. Failure to stretch or stretching ineffectively makes the body taunt, rigid and inflexible. Remember here that stretching is different from warm-up in that stretching exclusively aims at relaxing and elongating the muscles. Stretching should ideally be done after the warm-up exercises when the muscles are loose, warm and neurologically hyper-alert.

The next friend of body building injuries is lack of or inadequate arm-up exercises. Warm-ups are high rep low intensity exercises done quickly and swiftly. They reduce blood viscosity, increase body temperatures and improve blood flow to muscles. The core advantage of warm-up exercises before a workout is to promote muscle suppleness and flexibility to enable liquid body mobility. The omission of warm-up exercises in a workout means that weight exercises are done with stiff and inflexible muscles which are prone to tears, soreness and ligament inflations. 10 minutes of proper warm-ups can however reduce dramatically, the chances of injuries during the actual workout.

Another prominent of the body building injuries friends is negative repetitions. Negative reps, or what experts call eccentric reps remain the most dangerous and difficult weight exercising techniques of all time. Though a very effective training technique to stimulate muscle growth, lowering reps carry poundage that is always the heaviest any body builder has ever lifted. What a body builder can move concentrically is compounded in negative training such that eccentric exercises involve over 130% of the maximum weights a body builder can use concentrically. The weights involved in negative reps therefore represent a higher risk of injury. The safest way out is an experienced and strong spotter.

The fourth friend of body building injuries is poor training. Training heavy and hard in total disregard to protocol, techniques and scheduling only exposes a body builder to insurmountable injuries. If for example a body builder is on a first time diet, heavy weight training may be hindered by inadequate body strength. Dieting sometimes demands reduction of poundage and intensity. The integration of big weights, medium weights, high reps, supersets and low reps and few sets must be articulately done to ensure that the body is at par with the intensity.

Lack of concentration during workouts is another of the friends of body building injuries. When a body builder is distracted, lackadaisical or when he or she is elsewhere preoccupied physically or mentally, accidents are just around the corner. This is especially so if the weights used during the workout are heavy. The more poundage a body builder uses to workout, the more concentration is demanded of him or her. Intense concentration must accompany the more risk weights that could easily brake, dislocate or inflame bones let alone muscle injuries.

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Bodybuilding Handle Injury

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