Factors dictating the results of your Bodybuilding endeavors

The extent of your body building success depends on several factors including your genetic constitution, training, proper diet, adequate rest and recovery. Let us try to understand these factors so that we can have more realistic expectations from out workout sessions and improvise our body building efforts.

Factor 1 – Genes: Many poor and mediocre performing body builders may often blame their genes for their poor performance in body building. Indeed, “genetic limitations” (which refers to the lack of sufficient inherent growth hormone levels) can hamper your bodybuilding results to a great extent and you need to consider this problem while troubleshooting.

Factor 2 – Accurate Training: Ideally, beginners must limit their workout period to just one hour per session and focus on training just one part of their body, once per week and allow it to rest for the rest of the week. However, many body builders commit the mistake of either overtraining their muscles or working out all the parts of their body during every single workout session, both of which can be counter-effective.

However, if beginners commit the mistake of training for extended periods of time, or training the same body part repeatedly throughout the week without allowing it to rest, then their body may initiate the catabolism process of its own muscular tissues in order to meet the high energy demands for the extended workout session.

Factor 3 – Proper Diet: For building muscles, you need a proper diet. A ‘proper diet’ implies a highly nutritious wholesome diet. Remember that proteins are the building blocks of muscles. So, if you want to build your muscles, then you must take a high calorie diet and aim at increasing your protein intake to at least 2 gm/kg of your body weight.

Factor 4 – Rest: Workouts cause a lot of wear and tear of your muscle tissues. Therefore, adequate rest is very crucial after a workout session. When you take rest, it allows the repair, recovery, replenishment and growth of the muscle tissues in your body. Ideally, 2 days rest is recommended between successive workouts.

Factor 5 – Use the principle of progressive resistance: After you have learnt the correct exercise technique, you must focus on improving your performance by gradually scaling-up the weights used, or by increasing the number of repetitions. This is known as progressive overload. You can achieve bigger and stronger muscles by gradually increasing the intensity and workload on your muscles on a continuous basis.

During strength training, you should maintain a count of the number of repetitions you do. Once you start performing the last repetition easily, without getting tired, you must understand that it is time to increase the number of repetitions or to increase the amount of weights used for lifting.

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Bodybuilding dictating endeavors Factors Results

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