Bodybuilding Technique

Redefine Your Bodybuilding Workouts With Training Splits

by UFC MMA BJJ ULTIMATE FIGHTER CAGE FIGHTING INFO A recently redefined training technique that is making a great difference in the lives of professional body builders is split workout training. For those people who are really intent on bulking up, chiseling the muscles to perfection, defining the body contours between the muscle groups and packing all body parts to ...

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How To Handle A Bodybuilding Injury

by astroremucho Body building injuries are social so to say. They are caused and perpetuated by several factors. For as long as these friends are observable in a body builder’s workout routine, then injuries aren’t far out. The first of these friends of body building workout injuries is lack of adequate stretching exercises as part of the workout regime. Failure ...

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Some Bodybuilding Jargon Demystified

by astroremucho Bitch Tits, or also know as Gyno This condition is also referred to as Gynecomastia. It is characterized by the development of female-like breasts on the male body. it is a condition that is brought about by prolonged use of steroids. Bulking up – This refers to the adding of bodyweight through increasing both muscle and fat mass. ...

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Factors dictating the results of your Bodybuilding endeavors


by astroremucho The extent of your body building success depends on several factors including your genetic constitution, training, proper diet, adequate rest and recovery. Let us try to understand these factors so that we can have more realistic expectations from out workout sessions and improvise our body building efforts. Factor 1 – Genes: Many poor and mediocre performing body builders ...

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Bodybuilding Tips For Adding Chest Muscle

Exercise calisthenics #2

by Ed Yourdon Body builders have different goals and aspirations for their bodies. You don’t have to be a professional body builder or athlete to have a broad muscular chest. You can still be the bank manager, chief chef or the college book worm but still leave the ladies staring at your muscular body. It won’t hurt a single bit, ...

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