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Most people want to be in great shape but many just don’t know how. Getting to the gym is only half the battle; what’s really important is having a great bodybuilding regime and sticking to it.

There are so many bodybuilding routines and programs available that it can be a hard to find the one that’s best for you. How can you be sure that you’ll get the results promised in the sales brochure? Why choose one plan over another? Will you find a bodybuilding regime that you can actually stick with?

Here are some tips to make it a little easier to find a great regime and get the results you want:

* Ask For Advice

Talk to your friends, read the blogs and do your homework. When you find a bodybuilding regime that can deliver what you’re looking for, check to see what others have to say about it. Find out if the program or product has been tested.

Ask for advice from other athletes and instructors. Search online for consumer ratings and fitness blogs. Sales brochures should never be taken as gospel, so conduct your own research to find proven data and experimental results.

* Find Fitness That Fits

It’s important to consider whether the program is right for you. It’s even more important to answer honestly. Don’t choose a bodybuilding regime that’s just too taxing for your body, or settle for one that won’t challenge you physically to your full potential. Know whether the routine is right for you. Before you commit to a bodybuilding regime, make sure that it meets your personal requirements based on your age and training level, workout duration and whether you fall into the product’s target demographic.

Your body is unique, so the program that worked wonders for your neighbor might not be best for you. Some routines, for example, are simply too taxing for teenagers with smaller and less developed muscles. A seasoned bodybuilding veteran, on the other hand, won’t benefit form the degree of training offered in a beginner’s program.

* Consider the Whole Routine

A well-planned bodybuilding regime that promises results will incorporate a number of elements. Look for a routine that clearly states and involves goal setting, training loads, progress monitoring and recovery periods. When you’re investing your time, money and sweat, you want more than a “just do it and see” semi-promise. You want assurance that the program you choose will bring major results.

Your bodybuilding regime should incorporate progressive training. Choose a routine that offers guidance on changing your workout loads, as well as periodic progress monitoring. Do one-rep maximums, take regular measurements and don’t be shy around the weight scales; monitoring your weight is the best way to directly measure your progress and success.

Recovery periods are frequently overlooked in bodybuilding regimes, but are essential to your success. Your body will be working hard and it will also need to rest. Periods of recovery are absolutely necessary, so look for a routine that incorporates regular rest periods into every phase of training.

* Duration, Duration, Duration

Sometimes, success isn’t about the movement, but the duration of the routine. Repetitions are important for realizing optimal results in any fitness routine, but it’s important to progress gradually from level to level.

Look for a bodybuilding regime that clearly indicates the length of time that you should spend on each level, before progressing to the next. Don’t move too quickly, or push yourself too hard. If you suffer an injury or feel like a failure in the early stages of your routine, it will lessen your chances of working hard and achieving your goals.

If you’re serious about realizing your full fitness potential, take the time to find the bodybuilding regime that will work best for you.

Writer Bud Sayce provides material for numerous web magazines, on outdoor sports recreation and outdoor recreation themes.
Bodybuilding Build Regime

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