Bodybuilding Tips For Adding Chest Muscle

Body builders have different goals and aspirations for their bodies. You don’t have to be a professional body builder or athlete to have a broad muscular chest. You can still be the bank manager, chief chef or the college book worm but still leave the ladies staring at your muscular body. It won’t hurt a single bit, on the contrary it will do wonders to your ego and self esteem. As they say, look good feel good.

First things first. You must be eating right; foods that help your body build muscles, provide energy and increase your endurance. I won’t go into the details of how to cook your chicken breasts but all I can say is that you need them. Meat, both red and white are very good sources of tasty proteins. If you’re a vegetarian it doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. Plant proteins are also a rich source of proteins.

Besides, there is soy meat if you just want your subconscious to know that you’ve had meat for dinner. Carbohydrates are also essential as they are the food group that supplies the body with the well needed energy.

Now we look at your chest. There are a number of techniques that have been highly commended by body builders that provide excellent results. Push ups is the first technique that comes to mind when I think about chest muscles. The advantage of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere. No equipment is needed hence you can’t miss out just because you’re gym membership has expired. Push-ups are very effective if done correctly. Ensure that your back remains flat and that you don’t bend your feet. You can modify it by trying to use your fist instead of your hands, you can cross your legs and with time and perfection you can use one hand and then exchange it. Also vary your speed. Slow your motions so that you don’t use momentum as an advantage.

This ensures that you use your muscles wholly. You can even have some one push you down lightly on your up ward motion. Don’t overwork or overdo it as you may end up straining your muscles instead of building and developing them.

Secondly, you can do push ups with a medicine ball. The medicine ball is rolled between the hands engaging the abs. while in the push-up position, one hand remains on the floor as the other is on the medicine ball. While on the upward motion, pass the ball to the other hand and vise versa. Repeat this motion for a number of times, preferably 10-20 repetitions per set depending on your level of endurance. Push yourself further but not over the cliff!

The dumbbell chest is also a good technique. Don’t let the name full you, there’s nothing dumb about it except for my dumb joke. In the place of a barbell, do chest press with a dumbbell. This trains the sides. Lie flat on a bench; lift the weights in each hand above your chest. Bend the elbows and lower your arms until the elbows are just lower than your chest. Now bring the weights together and don’t lock elbows. Got it?

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Adding Bodybuilding Chest Muscle Tips

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